Sources of Pastoral Care

Sources of Pastoral Care in the United Parish of Upper Nidderdale

Each Other

Members of the congregation are the main “ministers” & sources of pastoral care in the United Parish of Upper Nidderdale. “Caring as a Fellowship” is a core purpose of our Church family & we are not to be overlooked!


The Clergy Team

All our clergy can of course be contacted any time to arrange an appointment; they will be delighted to visit you and pray with you. 


The Pastoral Visiting Team

A trained team of around 6 of our church members are able to visit regularly for support, prayer & conversation together.


Practical Help

Transport to Church may be arranged, together with help with trips to Hospital, and also a supply of emergency meals in a time of crisis … please do contact the Vicar (711414) if you have a practical need, and we will do our best to help whenever we can.


If you are ill

Please let us know if you go into hospital, and we can arrange a visit from one of the clergy or the pastoral visiting team, as well as the hospital chaplain.


If you become housebound

Home Communion can be brought to you on a monthly basis.



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