PCC Duties

What are the duties of PCC members?

The PCC looks after the general running of the Church and oversees the finances. PCC members are required to be on the church electoral roll, they are elected annually and would normally serve for three consecutive years. They can be re-elected for a further term of three years after which they are required to stand down for one year.

PCC members do not represent any specific lobby group, each member comes in a personal capacity and it is important that the views they express are their own.

We assume that all PCC members will want to play a full and enthusiastic part in the life of our parish. Therefore we would expect a PCC member to:

Seek to maintain a living faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour.

Worship regularly in the parish and participate fully in the life of one congregation.

Participate in wider church activities.

Pray regularly for the people and the growth of the gospel in the parish.

Support the aims of the parish financially through the regular giving scheme

In addition we look for leadership from our PCC members in the following ways:

A commitment to prepare for, prioritise and attend the PCC meetings scheduled during the year

A willingness to play an active part in the PCC’s business, vision and decision making by participating in discussion and to contribute to the work of the PCC through the work of sub committees when appropriate.

A willingness to uphold the decisions of the PCC (i.e. to share a collective responsibility) and to play a role in communicating them to the wider church family.

To keep themselves well informed about the views of church members, and the issues that concern them.

To accept the responsibility to act diligently and lawfully as a charity trustee as detailed in publications available on www.charitycommission.gov.uk

To develop an awareness of issues affecting the wider church

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