In addition to supporting the life of each church we also work ecumenically through laity/clergy Teams, sharing the life of The Church in the Dale.  The Team structure was originally prepared in late 2006 when there were eight Teams which were perceived as 'constituting the mechanisms for delivering the work of The Church in the Dale'.  However, following experience over the first six years, the structure has been simplified and revised so that there are now just four teams as follows:


Mission and Outreach

• to establish explicit outreach activities;

 to support local churches in mission and evangelism;

• to co-ordinate ecumenical charity work (such as Christian Aid);

• to take responsibility for the mounting of major local outreach events;  and

• to promote an awareness of the work of God's Church in other countries.


Pastoral Care

• to support pastoral care activities within the individual churches;

• to train lay pastoral visitors;  and

• to provide resources and courses to support pastoral care.


Worship and Discipleship

• to establish and produce frameworks for the times, venues, etc of common worship;

to develop opportunities and provide resources for worship;

• to facilitate Bible Study and House Groups;

• to resource the prayer life of The Church in the Dale;

• to establish and publicise Retreats and Quiet Days;  and

• to encourage personal spiritual development.


Youth Work

• to provide 'umbrella' support and encouragement to all the youth activities taking place at individual Churches in the Dale;

• to organise combined Youth 'events';  and

to develop links with Schools (both weekday and Sunday) and Junior Churches.

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